EZ Ride + is the latest innovation in mobility! It gives you the freedom to move about with confidence and power. This light-weight, strong, and convenient device takes any average wheelchair to the next level. Moves over rough terrain with ease.



The EZ Ride+ is the latest innovation in wheelchair mobility and gets you
where you need to go with power and confidence. It transforms your
standard wheelchair, giving you the freedom you need for independent
No vehicle hitch or lift required! No need to purchase an expensive,
heavyweight, powered wheelchair or scooter! This convenient
device quickly converts any standard 14″-22″ wide wheelchair into a
powered chair. You’ll move over smooth or rough terrain with ease. No
more arm, hand and shoulder strain! (Not recommended in sand or on loose
The EZRide+ is light-weight, yet strong with 3 speed settings. Cruise
alongside friends and family, shop at the supermarket, or take your dog for
a walk. Speeds – ECO (3 mph), MED (6 mph), and HIGH (12 mph).
The EZRide+ attaches and detaches quickly, and easily. The builtin kickstand keeps it freestanding until your next outing or simply fold the
handles for storage, or to take it with you. The EZRide+ makes it easy to
maneuver tight spaces with its 360 degree turning radius, yet it’s powerful
enough to climb inclines of up 30 degrees