LifeSource Quick Response Auto Inflate Blood Pressure Monitor

Clinically validated for accuracy, the LifeSource Quick Response Auto Inflate Blood Pressure Monitor allows you to quickly measure your pulse and blood pressure. With programmable alarms that remind you to take your readings, a time/date stamp that helps you track your results, and a Pressure Reading Indicator that simplifies the numbers, this monitor is easy to use. Its Easy-Fit cuff is designed to wrap around most arm sizes while still providing a precise measurement.



-Pressure Rating Indicator classifies your blood pressure reading
-30 reading memory with date/time display and 3 reminder alarms
-EasyFit Cuff an innovative cuff that instantly fits your arm
-Clinically validated for accuracy
-Irregular heartbeat feature

Keeps Track of Your Readings
The monitor stores the last 280 measurements, allowing you to track your blood pressure and pulse over several months. Its time and date stamp makes it easy to look back to previous readings. A built-in, programmable alarm system can be set for up to three times per day to keep you on track for future readings.

Easy-Fit Cuff Fits Most Arms
This cuff has been designed to fit the majority of arm sizes, ranging 9 to 17 inches around. Created for comfort, the band snugly surrounds the arm to ensure an accurate reading.

Tested for Accuracy
Approved by the European Hypertension Society, this monitor allows you to easily measure your blood pressure and pulse. It has been clinically tested, ensuring you get a correct reading every time.

This monitor’s blood pressure measurements are comparable to readings taken using the cuff/stethoscope auscultation method, within the limits of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), which assures the safety and health of consumers.

Simplifies Reading to Eliminate Guesswork
The monitor features a Pressure Rating Indicator that eliminates guesswork by indicating whether your blood pressure is high, low, or normal. While a trained professional should always interpret your blood pressure measurements, the Quick Response monitor provides an easy way for you to see your pulse and blood pressure levels and understand how the numbers compare.

Irregular Heartbeat Detection
The LifeSource monitor also displays a symbol to alert you when your heartbeat is irregular. Plus, even when your heartbeat is irregular, the monitor will provide an accurate blood pressure and pulse rate reading.

Runs on Batteries or an AC-Adapter
When you are at home, you can plug your Quick Response monitor into the wall to conserve battery life. Conveniently, you can also measure your blood pressure when you’re on-the-go, thanks to its battery power option. The monitor runs on four AA batteries (not included).

What’s in the Box
LifeSource Quick Response Auto Inflate Blood Pressure Monitor with Easy-Fit cuff, Pressure Reading Indicator, AC adapter, quick start card, four-week blood pressure logbook, and trilingual instruction manual (Spanish, French, and English).