Medisense Optium Glucose Meter

The Medisense Optium Glucose Meter offers newly optimized features and value at an economical price. The Medisense Optium Meter features a unique fill trigger that prevents the glucose test from starting until an adequate blood sample is applied. If there is not enough sample, simply add more and the Optium Meter produces a result without compromising accuracy. The Medisense Optium Meter has a faster test time of only 5 seconds and only requires a 0.6 μL sample size. With a 450 result memory, downloading feature and a large easy to read display, the MediSense Optium Glucose Meter can handle all of your blood glucose testing needs.


-Optium Meter only requires a 0.6 μL sample size. -Faster test time – only 5 seconds. -Unique chemistry minimizes the effects of interfering agents such as aspirin, vitamin C, uric acid and acetaminophen providing reliable glucose specific results. -Medisense Optium Meter is designed to start when sufficient blood sample is detected. -Medisense Optium Glucose Meter permits additional drops if first sample is not adequate. -Optium Meter is accurate with hanging drop or touching application methods. 450 test memory with time and date.